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Apr 26, 2024

As we’ve been discussing the concept of “The Great Work” is to become the greatest reflection possible of God in human form. To literally become more than human.

The Great Work is the foundation of all alchemy and mystery teachings.

It doesn’t take much time when you observe the world today to realize that our world is in major disruption. Much more so than it’s ever been previously in my lifetime.

We believe one of the main reasons we are at this point is that we have left the sacred by the wayside and plunged full force into secularism. Money has become our God, work has become our religion, and politics have become our philosophy.

We’ve largely, with few exceptions, lost what we’ll call our Vertical Principal relationship (aka. Relationship with God) and when this was disconnected all we have was a horizontal viewpoint of the world (I cover this in detail in my latest book GMS). The only measure we have for what is right and true is to look around us and see what others are doing.

This is problematic.

To accomplish The Great Work, you must live a life in alignment with Universal Principles and Truth...