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Oct 17, 2023

Transmutation not denial is the tool of mastery ~ Esoteric Axiom

Possibly we’ve all heard about this crazy concept of alchemy where ancient scientists attempted to turn base metal into gold. That’s a metaphor and a front for the Catholic church during the Inquisition (sought out and destroyed “heresy”)

What transmutation really means is taking something of low value (lead) and turning it into something of high value (gold).

Ultimately the gold that the alchemist seeks is an awakened and enlightened consciousness. What many ancient teachings call a Christ Consciousness. 

Christ it a title meaning: “the chosen one” “the anointed one” “an ideal human being.”

So, the ultimate objective of true alchemy is to become an ideal human being—actually to become more than human. To literally become superhuman.

Superhuman is not dodging bullets and jumping tall buildings, it’s to become a higher order of humanity.

Let’s face it: look around you and you’ll quickly realize that a large portion of so-called humanity is operating at an animal level. Driven by money, food, sex, power. This is not even human... this is sub-human.

Becoming human means having higher morals, principles, and virtues. To literally transmute the lower animal drives into higher drives of meaning and purpose.

From there, the journey continues step by step, stage by stage to superhuman but please understand that you must become fully human first.

That means you must be driven by much more than sensual pleasures and power.

This journey is the true objective of all Alchemy. What the alchemists call  “The Great Work.”  To bring God into the world of form.

And this journey is turning metaphoric lead into gold.

Three simple reasons you’re here:

  • Clean up
  • Grow up
  • Wake up

And they must happen in that order.