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Nov 3, 2023

We’ve discussed the literal meaning of turning base metal into gold, beyond the metaphors and blinds of alchemical teachings.

Ultimately, it’s about evolving the low-level consciousness of unconscious incompetence into the high level of conscious competence of the Higher Self. Also known as Christ Consciousness or Supreme Buddha Mind.

Obviously, there is no quick fix or magic pill to accomplish this outcome. It takes time and work—lots of it. That’s why so few people ever accomplish it.

We suggested 3 steps in the process: Clean up, grow up, wake up; and also suggested that they must happen in that exact order.

So let’s begin a discussion of what specifically cleaning up consists of.

In the mysteries it states that you must clean up starting with your physical body, then your mental body, then your emotional body and finally your spiritual body.

So, let’s at least begin to address your physical body here today... we may not get finished for cleaning up consists of many things.

The first thing you need to clean up physically are toxins. A toxic body will never have fully functional thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of different toxins that get put into your body. Some are more avoidable than others.

First you should remove all tobacco products, alcohol, marijuana, and any and all other recreational drugs.

Cigarettes are filled with chemicals and vaping is even worse. Cigarettes numb you out to life and suppress unresolved emotional issues—in addition to causing cancer.

Alcohol kills brain cells and studies in brain morphology prove that it atrophies the executive centers of the brain. Furthermore, it kills the microbiome in your gut giving you a greater chance for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

While pot is in vogue right now, it’s detrimental. I know there are those that like to argue its benefits, but the reality is that it is highly addicting, it also, like alcohol atrophies the executive center of the brain as well. Brain imaging conducted by Daniel Amen has proven that every quadrant of the brain functions at lower levels for those who smoke—and not just while they’re smoking.

Finally, new research from Stanford University has found that those who smoke pot have a greater likelihood of heart attack as it constricts the arteries.

These toxins are all within your control. We realize it may be difficult if you have an addiction but unless and until you beat these it will be next to impossible to fully clean up and turn base metal into gold.

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