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Nov 17, 2023

Jeff’s journey started from humble beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. He came from a  middle class working family that struggled financially, as most families in America do today. Driven by the motivation to avoid pain caused by finances, Jeff set out to make his own way and pursue his dreams. But, Jeff hit a point where he had a negative net worth. He built up debt to a level that made him feel as though he had no way out.

Well, that was what Jeff thought until he ran into two concepts that would change his way of thinking forever. These two concepts were self-improvement and self-development.They focused on two keys to developing your life: your associations and the books you read.

At that point Jeff accessed his associations and started asking himself, "Who am I really hanging out with? Are they where I want to be in life?" If they weren't, Jeff realized that could be detrimental to him getting the success he wanted to achieve. Jeff also started reading books written by people who were once in similar situations, improved upon them, and then wrote about it. Jeff realized you can borrow someone else's wisdom as a shortcut to achieving your dreams.

Now, more than three decades later, Jeff has transformed his life and the lives of others personally and financially through his Living Life on Purpose Goal Setting Program. Attributing his success to his commitment to his goals, Jeff is now the owner of a multi-million-dollar corporation and an active investor in more than a dozen companies.

As the author of several books on leadership and self-development, Jeff continues to inspire individuals to become more successful versions of themselves. He is committed to helping others live life on purpose and to the fullest.

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