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Jan 26, 2024

  • The true test of character is not persistence when you see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s persistence when you don’t see the light.
  • We’ve been discussing Time Alchemy. Transmuting low leverage time into highly productive time.
  • Now this is a bit deceiving because ultimately. Low leverage activities are basically that—low leverage. Utilizing your time in a low leverage way is what needs to be transmuted.
  • Let’s talk about the science behind this: modern science tells us that everything is energy…
  • When it comes to productivity, with your time and energy there are two factors you must consider. Stamina and Endurance.
  • Simply put, stamina is the energy and ability to start. Endurance is the energy to continue.
  • Most have some degree of stamina but very few have endurance.
  • Many start, very few finish.
  • Here’s the harsh reality, whatever you’re going after is most probably going to take at least 2X longer than you predict; and it’s going to cost 2X as much.
  • We’ll share with you the secret to stamina in a minute but it’s important to understand that “the difference between a master and a beginner is that the master can stand in the face of no results for longer.”
  • We’ll talk about endurance of time in our next session but here are a few of the fundamentals to creating the stamina to start:
    • Decide what you choose to create. Make is specific. Vague and ambiguous intentions create vague and ambiguous results.
    • Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve it. There will always be a sacrifice.
    • Get started with the work. Do what you know right now and allow what comes next to emerge as you move forward. No one knew “how” until it was done.
    • We talked about the C6. This your daily plan once you have clarity on your vision and intention. You don’t need a 10 year or even a one-year plan in this fast world. You need a one-day plan, broken down into one-hour plans.
  • Now get on with the work… next time we’ll discuss how to endure.

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