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Sep 16, 2020

Popular is just what the mass mind is resonating with.⁠
Really think.⁠
The fact, is that to be the "most popular" and to have the most "friends" or followers, the creative individual must leave out the difficult parts.⁠
It must be dumbed down into something to be consumed in 6 seconds or less.⁠
Glance through your feed.⁠
How many people are there posting "motivational memes" right now?⁠
Everybody's an expert now, right?⁠
Chances are REALLY good that the person with the most followers or "likes" is not really disruptive or even that creative.⁠
We tend to give standing ovations to things that we agree with. Not to things that rattle our cage, push up against our resistance, and truly make us think.⁠