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Jun 30, 2023

There’s ONLY one way to grow your life and business.

Are you ready?


There’s no such thing as compulsory growth and evolution.

It takes constant struggle, resilience, sacrifice, and resolve.

Let's face it, change and growth are hard...


Jun 23, 2023

That which appears to be your difficulty is actually the doorway to your freedom and desire.

We often fool and frustrate ourselves into thinking that life should be easy.

Have you ever thought: "There just has to be an easier way?"

Boy, I know I have.

But when we develop experience and wisdom we realize that what...

Jun 8, 2023

Leadership and Mastery are a great thing; and loneliness is most often the price.

Look, let's face it. Those who have the most number of friends in life, those who most frequently have the most followers, are most often not those who are harbingers of greatness.

There are exceptions but that tends to be the rule...