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Jul 19, 2024

This week’s topic is going to be tough for many given that most of us spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer each day—and many must do this for their job.

But difficult or not, limiting screen time will give you big benefits in the long run. On the flip side, there are many detrimental effects of blue...

Jul 12, 2024

Have you ever considered why during 2@2@ liquor stores, strip clubs, and pot dispensaries were allowed to remain open during the lockdown, but churches were not?

It seems kind of odd, doesn’t it?

While we are not going to address the strip club issue in this episode, we encourage you to draw your own conclusions.


Jul 7, 2024

The controlling narrative around “climate control” is attempting to dramatically change our diets stating that many things that are healthy to eat are “negatively impacting the environment”. 

It’s fascinating because the foods they recommend are incredibly unhealthy and they’re nearly all processed. This...

Jun 28, 2024

The entire universe is comprised of repeating patterns. This is the Hermetic Law of Correspondence. Most commonly stated “As above, so below.”

Basically, this Law teaches us that if we want to know how our body works, we need to look at how the universe works.

Our entire planet’s surface is comprised of...

Jun 21, 2024

We’ve been discussing over the last few episodes how to transmute your body into a powerhouse. Obviously, this includes the mind as well because mind and body are tightly interdependent and interwoven.

Will power is off and on… environment is 24/7.

Basically, where you live and the environment you surround yourself...