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Oct 27, 2023

Andre grew up in Southern California, graduating from California State University, Fullerton, and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. He then started his legal career in 2006, as a trial attorney within the Colorado state courts. In 2007, he joined the U.S. Air Force. Over a four-year period, Andre engaged in estate...

Oct 20, 2023

Unfortunately, most have very little self-awareness.

ASK: Who are you?

Beyond what you do

Beyond what you have or own

If everything was taken away from you: friends, family, colleagues, business, finances… who would you be?

Most people have little to no understanding of who they are.

I’m an entrepreneur,...

Oct 17, 2023

Transmutation not denial is the tool of mastery ~ Esoteric Axiom

Possibly we’ve all heard about this crazy concept of alchemy where ancient scientists attempted to turn base metal into gold. That’s a metaphor and a front for the Catholic church during the Inquisition (sought out and destroyed “heresy”)