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Dec 1, 2023

If you’ve been following for the last several episodes, it should be obvious that to “turn base metal into gold” is a lengthy and complicated process.

You may recall we discussed some time ago that the first stage of alchemy is “melanosis” which is the blackening or destroying phase.

For anything new to live something first must die.

As we “put to death old dietary habits, old thinking processes, and now emotional processes we “clean the slate” so to speak to bring in the new.

This is why it’s imperative to go through the clean-up process first before you can grow up and ultimately wake up.

As difficult as cleaning up the physical and mental body may be, we suggest that cleaning up the emotional body is vastly more difficult. And it’s much more time-consuming.

One of the best processes we’ve experienced and utilized for cleaning up emotional issues is a process called “recapitulation.”

In some mystical traditions they call this process a soul retrieval. 

In the Toltec traditions they state that you must recapitulate every single experience in your life. That’s a lot!

Our experience is that while this may be empowering and powerful, you get a tremendous amount of energy regain as well as freedom from recapitulating your traumatic experiences.

While you can do this for yourself it’s very difficult to take a 2nd person perspective or neutral position on your own emotional issues.

Recapitulation is very different than traditional psychological therapy where you basically just recount past experiences to a therapist. In recapitulation you come from a new perspective and bring new resources from life experience that you didn’t have at an earlier age.

Psychology does however prove that when you revisit a new memory with new resources you can never think of it, and feel about it, in the same way again.

I attempted to recapitulate my past relationships every morning for a year and while I was somewhat successful, I was not entirely successful.

So, by all means, do something or you’ll continue to live from past programming over and over again.

If you’d like to have some help and support, both Bersabeh and I would love to help.